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Lush, Green, Healthy Lawn by Pro Lawn

Lush Green Healthy Lawn

Lush Green Lawn – Here at Pro Lawn & Pest Control, we want you to enjoy the lushest, greenest, healthiest and most enviable lawn on the block. One of the most important steps in this process provides appropriate fertilization services for all parts of your lawn. Ensuring that your lawn, trees and other plants are properly nourished and fed allows them to enjoy strong leaf, root, flower and fruit growth. We aim is to see our clients obtain that Lush, Green, Healthy Lawn they dream about.

Step-by-Step Process – We employ a step by step process to test, diagnose and fertilize your lawn, all based on your individual needs and preferences. Although you may be tempted to stop by your local home and garden center for traditional bagged fertilizer and other growth-promoting products, you won’t be provided with the level of care and time that we take to ensure that your lawn is properly fertilized.  Let us employ a tried and true process that takes the guesswork out of fertilizing your lawn and allows you to skip to the best part of lawn ownership-reeling in those compliments from admirers!

Soil Testing Services

The Soil Test – The soil test test is crucial in assessing the overall health, nutrition level and nutrition needs of your lawn. The results provide us with a basis from which to judge your lawn’s overall health, including soil pH and acidity, existing nutrient composition, and the presence of any nutrient deficiencies or toxicities. This testing can involve complicated, multi-step procedures which are best undertaken by professionals.

Fertilization Prescriptions

Following an assessment – Once we have properly assessed the health of your lawn, we develop a tailor-made fertilization program designed to correct any nutritional deficiencies as well as meet your specific preferences and budget. Most everyone has heard that fertilizers typically provide plants with beneficial quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as all these nutrients are essential for strong plant development. But every lawn is different and there is no one size fits all solution for building a well fertilized environment. Many of us share our lawns with little ones, wild and domestic critters and vegetable gardens. These considerations may give rise to concerns over choosing a more organic or natural fertilizer over a commercially prepared option.

Others move to neighborhoods in which the current soil quality is poor due to new construction activities and want a way to optimize lawn health rapidly. Some may wish to introduce various micro-nutrients into an already existing and well fertilized lawn to reap even more benefits. Let us help create a fertilization prescription for your lawn that meets your individual specifications and takes the guess work out of choosing from so many options.

Customized Fertilizer Applications

What happens after we develop a fertilization program – Once we have designed a fertilization program for your lawn, we do all the heavy lifting as far as applying your chosen fertilizers, monitoring your lawn’s growth and assessing the effectiveness of your program. No longer will you have to struggle with diluting liquid fertilizers or break your back with lifting heavy bags of granules. We provide the expertise and know how to decipher all the manufacturer’s application instructions and tips. We take the time to provide the appropriate amount of fertilizer to each and every part of your lawn. Custom applications are our specialty and are becoming routine as the number of specialty treatments available and the customer demand for them increases. Our licensed and trained owner/operator works diligently and safely at all times and is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the growth, fertilization and maintenance of your lawn.

Let us at Pro Lawn help you design the perfect fertilization program and schedule for your lawn!