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Weed Control Services That Work

Weeds are never a welcome sight in your lawn.  Even a small amount of weeds can keep a lawn from looking healthy and well cared for.  With weed control service by Pro Lawn, you won’t have to worry about weeds popping up and can present your lawn with full confidence. A weed control plan is critical; weeds can damage your yard by competing with healthy grass for moisture, nutrients, light, and space.

Proper fertilization, mowing, and irrigation encourages grass to grow quickly and prevent weed growth. If your lawn is suffering from disease, we can help. No matter what symptoms your grass may exhibit, our service will provide just the right treatment to help your lawn recover.

Never lose hope of a beautiful yard; the remedy to your lawn’s trouble is just a phone call away. Our team has dealt with many different species of weeds and are familiar with other factors that can invite weeds in your lawn. We combine all of this information to make sure that your lawn looks it’s absolute best.

Fertilization Services

That Leave Your Yard

Lush And Full

As a home or business owner who cares about your lawn, you probably know that fertilizer plays an important role in helping your lawn become healthy, green and lush.

Fertilizer strengthens the root system of your grass, helping it to absorb water. It also provides nutrients your grass needs to thrive. Give Pro Lawn a call and let us take the guess work out of your fertilizer treatments.

Pest Control Services That Help Minimize
the Pest Population On Your Property

Pro Lawn Landscape applies top quality products to control fleas and
ticks in your yard and other worrisome insects which try to invade your home.

Our Mosquito Control Service targets mosquitoes where they live and breed around your property.

Our Pest Control Services will help you can get back to enjoying all those fun outdoor activities again
without worrying about pests.

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