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How Your Business Is Landscaped Is Our Business


You only get one shot at a first impression.

Pro Lawn Landscape’s commercial maintenance services can help you get that first impression right with a maintenance plan tailored to fit your unique requirements.

We’ll have your customers saying “Wow” before they even walk in your front door.


Pro Lawn Landscape was recognized by the Tahlequah Nasturtium Garden Club in August 2011.

Pro Lawn Landscape received the Award for Landscape Excellence for the pleasing, colorful landscape in front of their office.

We’re proud to call Oklahoma home and want to help other local business look beautiful and well cared for.

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Landscape Maintenance That Covers Every Aspect Of Your Property:

Our landscape maintenance includes a complete list of services that you may not have considered when it comes to the upkeep of your commercial landscape.  Our team is led by experienced professionals who know what to look for when it comes to taking care of your property.  From shrubs to flowers, we’ve got you covered and will help your business provide an amazing first impression.


Our Landscape Maintenance Services Include:

Mow Turf

Trash and debris will be removed from turf areas before mowing. We will remove clippings after mowing is complete.

Monofilament Trim
We will trim grass around fence lines, building lines, trees and steps. This service will be provided with every mowing.
Mechanical Edge
We will edge all sidewalks, curbs and concrete pads. This service will be provided with every mowing.
Mowing Clean-up
All clippings will be removed from sidewalks, curbs and parking areas after every mowing is completed. Clean-up will be done on the same day as the mowing.
Shrub Bed Maintenance
We will weed and cultivate all bed areas and tree wells to keep them free of undesirable vegetation. Weeding will include removing all foreign weeds and grasses.
Shrub Trimming
Shrubs will be trimmed as needed throughout the year. Shrubs will be trimmed to general shape to remove from walkways and keep clear of windows and air conditioners.
Tree Trimming
Trees under five-inch caliper will be pruned to remove dead wood, redundant growth, crossing growth, sucker growth and limbs rubbing against buildings.
Weed Control & Fertilization
There will be applications of herbicide/fertilizer throughout the contract period applied during the appropriate season.
Leaf Removal
Leaves will be removed from turf and shrub beds to keep a neat and clean appearance. This service will be provided in conjunction with shrub bed maintenance.
Spray Weeds in Cracks
We will spray weeds in cracks on all sidewalks, parking areas, curbs and fence lines once per month during the growing season to keep them free of unsightly vegetation.
Litter Control
We will pick up litter and trash from all turf and shrub beds. This service will be provided while maintenance work is being performed.
Annual mulch replacement: Mulch will be kept a minimum depth of 2″ to provide adequate coverage for all flowerbeds.
Annual Flowers
Annuals of various varieties will be planted in all beds and pots twice annually. Plant material will be of good quality and disease free. Fertilizer will be applied at plantings.
Irrigation System
We will start-up/shut-down the system at the appropriate time of the year. The system will be monitored for leaks and proper coverage.
Blow Hard Surfaces
We will blow all hard surfaces once per month to remove dirt, dust and debris.
Year-Round Service
All services will be performed as needed based upon a 12-month contract.

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Year-Round Service That Keeps Your Property Looking Great

Pro Lawn Landscape offers full year-round service for our commercial landscape clients.  Our team will stay on top of the details that make your commercial property look amazing all year long. 

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We stand by our work. We’ll get it right and make sure that you are satisfied with our work – every time. Guaranteed.

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We don’t just mow lawns; we take care of your property. From weed control, fertilization and lawn maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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